Big Time

Sooo, this week has been interesting. I have discovered that I've forgotten how to tie a knot or assemble a clothes horse.
Google has been my saviour, so thank you Google; you may be avoiding your tax bill but you've helped a lady in her mid twenties learn how to tie a knot in 35 different ways, well done.

It seems that I'm clearly incapable of performing basic tasks, I hold very little hope for myself in the foreseeable future, god help anyone that crosses my path.

At least this didn't happen:

I also wanted to briefly touch on the news story regarding a gentleman who got knocked off his bicycle in Norfolk by a young lady, now, I try and avoid political or controversial topics, but who is that stupid enough to boast about something which is extremely irresponsible and dangerous on Twitter?

 Emma (bloody idiot) Way, that's who!

I wouldn't be surprised if this photo was taken whilst she was driving, seeing as she is in the drivers seat 'n' all, classic. #selfie #YOLO

If I was caning it on a road and there was a cyclist coming towards me, I wouldn't decide to carry on going at x speed, I would think " woah woah woah there Courteney, let's not get too excited now, I know you drive a top of the range, super amazing 1.6 sportka convertible that looks similar to a rollerskate, but you've got to take it easy and try not to end up in prison for manslaughter."

( me, posing with a slightly exaggerated lean)

But no, Emma Way, was quite the stubborn little lady that day and as a payer of road tax, she had right of way, or did she????

 If I was walking on a pavement and a cyclist was coming towards me, I wouldn't walk into their bike; you would move to one side or make some kind negotiation with them, maybe swap shoes or phone numbers. You wouldn't just stop still and wait for them to charge at you, then blame them because you're the pedestrian and you've got right of way! You'd just look like a mental case.

If anything, the cyclists front tyre would ruin my outfit and I would be pissed off for the rest of the day, so it benefits both parties if you just use your noggin a bit more instead of filling it with unicorns, rainbows and Justin f**king Bieber. 

I am going slightly off topic, Justin Bieber can wait for another day. 

What I'm trying to say is, if you're going to knock someone off their bike, don't put it on a social media website, instead, feel terribly guilty, GET OUT OF YOUR CAR, make sure said person is okay and the world is a better place; unless you've possibly killed them, then I really can't help you there and you're on your own. Good luck. 

What I like most about this little story I'm telling you all, is that when I typed in "pedestrian vs cyclist on pavement" into Google, this chap came up:

Chat Roulette user, 100%.

I've come back...

So, I disappeared for a while, this was mainly due to getting a boyfriend. Why is it that when you start dating someone, you just drop everything that matters to you? It's really frustrating, you just stop your hobbies or dreams and become ridiculously wrapped up in one person and forget about the cool stuff you were doing before they entered your life.

Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend and he's not one of these crazies (thank god) who doesn't let me out of the house. In fact, he would probably prefer me out of the house so he can play FIFA, classic.

Well, anyway, I am back now and I hope I can keep this up and fill you in with any weird and wonderful things.

I guess a lot has happened since I've been frolicking around, not updating my blog for one.
 I did eventually get a job, I still work there, which I guess is always a bonus. I am however leaving ( boo) but I have decided to team up with my mum and start working with her in her vintage shop based in Holt.

Oola Boola - this is the Facebook page for the shop! Take a little looksie, and come visit us! We are also taking part in an awesome summer fair on the 1st June, which is going to be fabulous! I'm planning on collecting some pretty awesome little gems, so I strongly suggest you vintage fashionistas to get your butts down there and have a root around!
 The flyers we have made!

                                                     This dress is so beautiful! I want it!

Making Lemonade Summer Fair - (Facebook link to the event)
If you or if you know of anyone who makes lovely little crafts or anything cute and wonderful, contact them and see if there are any spaces available! It would be good to see a variety of interesting bits and bobs!

We are hoping to get ourselves to the VW Whitenoise festival - to do a bit of trading or maybe even Jellyfest in South Creake, near Fakenham - Jelly Fest Facebook

Both festivals look pretty fantastic and hopefully, we will work on at least one of them!

On another note, Latitude Festival is coming up soon and the line-up is awesome! Luckily for me, I'm wristbanding this year, so I get to go for free! The perks of knowing people in places!

If you're a bit of an indie cindy, or a chilled out yummy mummy then Latitude is definitely for you!

I strongly recommend seeing +Local Natives  ( obviously), +Kraftwerk , Jessie Ware, +Modest Mouse and +Alt-J.

Tickets are still available and under £200! Let your braided hair down and get yourself a ticket!

I did see Alt-J at the O2 Academy Birmingham a few weeks back and they genuinely gave me goosebumps. Their set was absolutely incredible, I am definitely going to see them again at Latitude, 100%!

Look at me being all arty farty with Instagram- 5th May, Birmingam O2- Alt-J.

Awesome sauce.