On a Tropical Island


I thought I would just share that all with you! If you don't follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you won't understand the true disgusting inhumane love I have for my cat. It makes people feel violently sick, BUT I DON'T CARE! 

I'm determined to sign him up to a cat modelling agency.

We named him Django because of the Tarantino film, but I don't think he suits it, he's more of a Bumble or Fluffykittenmaster. It's also quite annoying that people think his name is spelt with a 'j' as the 'd' is silent, really grinds my gears! 

My friend sent me this in a link today- What an incredible poncho! It's from ASOS and I think I'm going to have to buy it as it's just too wonderful.

£13 from ASOS

I have FINALLY uploaded a couple of VLOGs onto my YouTube channel, Yippee! 
Please go and check them out, see what you think! 

You will have to excuse the out of sync audio, iMovie '11 is a pile of s*!t basically! I am on the hunt for some new software that won't give me hell!
here are the links to my channel: MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

I think my next VLOG is going to based on travelling tips, I was lucky enough to travel Australia so I thought I could give people the do's and don'ts and top tens of hostels or places to visit etc! 

Here is just a few photos from my travels…

Me falling out of a dingy

Me in a hammock

5am sunrise from my hostel room

The kind of men you should avoid when travelling

So if this is something that you think would be a good idea, then I would like to hear from all! You can either follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/courtypeachblog and share your thoughts :)






Since my last blog ( which was less than 24 hours ago...) I have filmed a couple of vlogs which I plan to upload very soon on YouTube, infact, I am uploading one as I type this, so keep your eyes peeled my pretties! 

I was perusing the internet last night and stumbled across something called 'Glossy Box' which is a company who send you 5 samples of different health & beauty products to your door every month for only £10 a month! You can cancel at any time too which is a bonus!

I just signed myself up to Glossy Box because I thought it would be a nice little feature for my vlog on YouTube, yeahhh! 

Check out there website: https://www.glossybox.co.uk/beauty - I highly recommend it to any other bloggers out there!

This is the kind of awesome goodies you get every month! 


Once I receive it I shall reveal all :)

I will leave you lovely people with this :


Long Time No See...

So it's been an awful long while since I've done any blogging! It's a bit like me and the gym, I just stop and start all the time, so apologise for that! I'll try and make my blogging a bit more regular for y'all.

I've decided to switch it up a little bit when it comes to my blogging and concentrate on recent purchases, like hair products, nail polish, clothes etc and any other bits and bobs I've discovered.

If anyone has any ideas they would like to share with me in regards to any topics people want me talk about, then please, feel free!

I'm going to (eventually) start vlogging on youtube once I get myself a decent camera as I feel that I'm more a facey facey, talky talky person, rather than hiding behind text, so watch out for me! You can't miss me really, my head is so round.

Anyway,back to the crux of what I wanted to talk about...

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2014 BABY! I am SO excited for this, every year I try and celebrate this wonderful competition by getting drunk and laughing at the utter cheese that is being fed into my ears.
This year, I have decided to make it so everyone who attends my ESC (eurovision song contest) soiree has to dress up as a country. I think I'm going to rock the German look:

A little bit too slutty and generic for my liking but that's the vibe I'm going for I guess...

I actually had the privilege of going to the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 in Germany, needless to say it was the best day of my life. I can die happy now.  It was a shame I didn't make the 2007 contest as this is one of my favourite ESC songs of all time:

The singer looks like a mixture between Timmy Mallet and Elton John

see? I never lie!

If any of you boohoo the Eurovision and think it's a load of crap, then you're wrong and you've probably never even watched it before! It is the highlight of my May, it's so incredibly cheesy, it's good, that's the beauty of it! 
It's a shame Terry Wogan no longer hosts it as I don't really find Graham Norton as funny, even more reason to get drunk and shout at the TV.

This was really just a quick hello to everyone and to let you all know that I am still alive, I will be doing some more blogging in the next few weeks, I have a lot of shit I wanna spit ball to people, so yeah! 

Really looking forward to starting a vlogging channel on Youtube and if anyone has any ideas or tips for me, that would be greatly appreciated yo!