Festival Confusion - What Festival Should I go to?

(That's me at Secret Garden Party)

Summer is finally upon us, the time of year when we all decide to get our chicken legs out, drink booze in our garden and listen to our favourite songs, whilst soaking up the sun and getting burnt ( or tanned, depending on how lucky you are!)

Generally, every summer I attend at least one music festival, now if you have read my previous post on Festival Essentials, you would understand that I've been going to festivals since I was about 15! 

I have been lucky enough to attend most british festivals, so if you're contemplating taking the first giant step into festival-ism, then look no further for tips on what festival might suit you best!


The mothership of all the festivals, situated in none other than Glastonbury itself. The wonderful Michael Eavis decided he wanted to start up a festival of his own, and so in 1970 he did. It cost £1 to get in and you received free milk from the farm, how sweet! 

(photo from Google)

Nowadays, to even get a look in for Glasto tickets, you have to register online, along with a photo of yourself and quite frankly, it's a bit of a palarva! That being said, It is worth the hassle as the experience you get is an experience you will never get anywhere else. 

The weather can be a bit dodgy, I was quite lucky when I went but we have all seen the famous mud photos, there is no denying it, Glastonbury is notorious for bad weather!

Glasto is a very friendly festival despite the fact it is absolutely massive! You will make friends with your neighbours and may even make friends for life!

Glastonbury Festival has definitely broadened it's musical horizons when it comes to different genres of music. This year Metallica are headlining, but only a few years ago, Jay-z and Beyonce played! So if you are someone who is a bit of an all-rounder and can dance to a bit of everything then this is the festival for you!

( Unfortunately Glasto has sold out this year!)


I was a Latitude virgin until I worked there last year. Working there was just as good as being there as a punter. I basically attached wristbands to people until Friday lunchtime and then I was free to do whatever my heart desired!

It all began back in 2006, when Mogwai and Snow Patrol headlined. The idea of spray painting sheep became a 'thing' and even now, every year, they paint those poor bastard every colour under the sun, bless.

(picture from Google)

Latitude is definitely a middle class 'yummy mummy' festival, it is over powered by posh preppy kids who have just finished their GCSEs or A levels and want to get a bit rowdy without their parents knowing. 

Whilst I was there, I did enjoy myself, the weather held out for us all and there was a lot to explore and discover. It reminded me of Glastonbury but on a smaller scale. 

One evening I decided to check out some of the art installation and found myself sitting on a sex swing in a tin room, listening to partially deaf and blind people having sex, now if that's not weird and zany enough for you, then I don't know what is. 

Latitude is more for the indie cindy lovers, I am very much partial to a bit of indie but even for me, this festival still wasn't quite for me. I spent most of my time in the comedy tent as a lot of the bands that were playing I had never even heard of!

I would recommend it to people who are very artsy and indie but maybe not for someone who only dabbles in that kind of thing once in a while.

Tickets for Latitude are: £195.50 (bit pricey)


(photo from Google)

I have been to Reading AND Leeds Festival and to be honest, I like them just the same as each other. 
The only difference is that Leeds is full of Northerners and Reading is full of Southerners!

Reading and Leeds fest is a straight forward, no messin' kind of festival: 

 I love Reading & Leeds, It's what festivals are all about. If you're not bothered about noisy neighbours or a bit of wee on your tent then this is the festival for you!

The music at Reading & Leeds is generally rock/indie and some dance/dub step thrown in their for good measure. I think I enjoy it because it reminds me of being a teenager. I have seen the likes of Taking Back Sunday there, Jimmy Eat World, Band of Horses, Lethal Bizzle and Tenacious D

If you just want a bit of a dirty weekend with your friends, then get a ticket, you'll love it. 
I will be working at Reading Festival this year as a Wristbander, so if you do go, come and say hi!

The only downside to Reading & Leeds is that on the last night everyone goes a bit mad. I have witnessed people's tents on fire, lamp posts being torn down and gas canisters blown up. 

If this is your first time as a festival go-er I might suggest that you avoid it, but hey, I'm not here to baby sit you, do what you wish! 

Tickets for Reading & Leeds are £213 (ouch!)


( this is me just before realising I had sun stroke)

Download is the ultimate metal festival in the UK, I have seen AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Limp Bizkit and System of a Down and every year I have gone, I have loved it just as much as the last. 

Lucky for me, I have such a broad spectrum of music taste that I can experience all of the festivals the UK offers us, winning!

Download Festival is a pretty safe and chilled out festival, it's not as hectic as Reading & Leeds, although, you may come across similar people as these two festival do cross paths a bit. 

Because Download is in June the weather can be a bit hit and miss. The last time I went (2011) it was awful, the weather was depressing. We packed up on the sunday afternoon and left because it was that bad! 

(my friend and I, I look very drunk)

Besides the weather, the bands are really good, the atmosphere is awesome and the camping areas are always fun!

If you are heavily into rock and metal then I would suggest you guys go here! 

Tickets to Download are: £205

I hope this has helped you on your decision, if you need any help just message me or follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook!



May Glossybox part two!

So, I said I would do a Glossybox video for May and I did!

Let me know what you think :)



May Glossybox...


It's that time of the month again (not that time of the month) when I receive my lovely Glossybox in the post!

This month Glossybox have collaborated with Superdrug and have created a fantastic box for me to dig into!

This month they have given us 5 full sized products, woohoo!

They always provide you with a great little magazine with hints, tips and interviews! 
As well as this, they also give you a contents card so you know exactly what you're getting.

So, I opened it up and to my surprise I got an extremely good box this month! Last month was good ( and it was my first) but this month was definitely better!

Glossybox is a great service but it can be a bit hit and miss but as long as you realise that it is a bit of a lottery, then you can't really complain!

The first thing I picked up was the Solait - illuminating Facial Bronzing Cream (£2.99)

I have only ever used Garnier Moisturising cream which works like a charm for me, but I am keen on trying this. I will obviously need to tan the rest of my body, otherwise I will just have a brown face. Nobody wants that.

The next thing I took a look at was the L'oreal Paris - Volume Million Lashes Black (£10.99)

This little bad boy is £10.99 at full retail price, which is absolutely brilliant considering the box itself is £10 a month! This goes on beautifully, I don't usually like the type of brush it comes with but it helps make my eyelashes look pretty! No need for fake eyelashes anymore!

The next thing that caught my eye was this lovely nail polish by B. Complete Long-Lasting Nail Polish (£4.99)

The bottle doesn't tell you what the colour is but it's a brown/grey colour. It's going to look great on my nails, I do like a creamy/pastel colour every now and again! It would have been nice to have a bright colour for the summer but you can't have everything!

I got all excited when I saw this I Love Cosmetics - Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss (£1.29)

It smells delish! It doesn't taste delish though... :(
I will definitely be buying some of this once it runs out! It is such a good price too, I'll be doing a video on all of these products so I can show you all what it looks like on my luscious lips!

DOUGHNUT RING!!!! I do love a good doughnut ring!
Superdrug - Large Doughnut Ring (£3.99)

However, I cannot eat this one, this is for my hair not for my greedy mouth! HAHA!
Unfortunately I received the blonde one, when I actually have brown hair! I will still give it a go though. These rings are really good to do your hair real quick but still looks really smart and sophisticated! I give a full 2 thumbs up to this invention!

So, they were all the full sized products, but you didn't just receive those, oh no! You also got 2 'bonus products' too!

Ghost Fragrances - Eclipse (£33 for 50ml)

This perfume is absolutely stunning! It smells delicious, I want to eat it! It is fruity but reminds me of joss sticks as well? Random I know, but it does say it has an 'amber crystals' base? That's pretty spiritual and hippy-esque like joss sticks right?
I LOVE IT!!! I have already asked my boyfriend to buy me a bottle for my birthday in July :D

The other bonus product I got in my box was this:
Garnier - Oil Beauty Lotion (£4.99 for 250ml)
This lotion is made up of argan, macademia, almond and rose oil - delish! It is perfect for people with dry skin and makes your skin soft and smooth, like a babies bum! It does say that it isn't suitable to use on your face, so just slap it on your other bits and bobs my lovelies!!

So that is everything in the box, what a great month no? 
So far I am thoroughly enjoying receiving a Glossybox in the post every month and I can't wait until next months! 
I really hope that when it comes around to July ( my birthday month) they will add something extra, I'm going to be 26, it's the least they can do ;)

I hope you enjoyed my review on Mays Glossybox and I'll do a video very soon! 

Love xoxo

Festival Essentials...

 Latitude 2013

It's creeping up to that time of year again, when people start thinking about festivals and buying there overly priced tickets!
I have been going to music festivals since I was the innocent age of 15, my first ever music festival experience being Glastonbury in 2004.

The day we were leaving to lose our music festival virginity to Glastonbury was also the day of our last GCSE exam, it explains why I only got a 'C' in History! I couldn't contain my excitement and I just needed to get out of that stuffy gym hall, Glastonbury was calling me!

I thought I had everything I could possibly need for my first festival, but as I look back, I had no f*%$ing idea.

So ten years on and a bit more wiser, I have constructed an enthralling list of yay & nay festival essentials.

(just to let you know, I will be doing a video on this as well,so check out my YouTube in the next few days!)

Courteney's ultimate girl's survival guide for festivals

  1. Always bring baby wipes and toilet roll. You will be surprised on the amount of spillages you get in your tent and you will be cursing something rotten when you don't have toilet roll to hand! Baby wipes are also essential for giving yourself a quick clean of the face or if you've got sticky cider fingers!

2.  BINBAGS - These will save your life at a festival! If you get caught out in the rain and it's becoming a muddy affair, slip one of these bad boys over your head( or if you're like me, pre cut a hole for you head and arms) and hey presto, you have a poncho (kinda)They are also handy for, you guessed it, rubbish. Your tent will become a shit hole for 4 days, so brings these along to  make yourself feel less dirty! 

3. ipod & mini speakers(batteries too!) When you're in the camping area just chilling out, it really annoys me that you've got nothing to listen to, I like to get myself prepared and in the mood before I head into the arena, so make yourself a playlist beforehand and turn it up LOUD! I also make a playlist for the car journey too, it's better than having to listen to your passengers the whole way there!

4. Something warm - Seriously ladies, it may be a crackin' sunny day, but when the nights creep up on you, you will thank me for suggesting warm clothes! From previous experience, I have been caught out without a decent hoodie, warm trackies and a pair of thick socks my nan knitted me and have been freezing my arse off all night! 100% essential items without a doubt!

5. Bronzer & glitter - I know not all girls dig this kind of thing, but I love it. I don't wear glitter very often so I make festivals an excuse to! 
(Not the best picture!)

I love my bronzer, I use Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick £4.99 from Boots - Link to bronzer
I use it most days, but I can't live without it at a festival!

6. Suntan lotion - I know our weather isn't great, but I once got sun stroke at Download Festival and it was bloody awful! Keep well hydrated and slap that white stuff on ya sexy bodies!
Last year I used Soltan Kids Factor 50 from Boots (Soltan linkas my skin was extremely sensitive last summer :(. 
It worked like a charm though! Plus, I got a tan!

7. Dry shampoo - this is my life saver at a festival. A lot of the time at festivals there is a queue about a mile long for a shitty luke warm shower. It just aint worth it sometimes, so if you are feeling a bit lazy and you are looking a bit like a slick Rick then spray some of this into your hair!
 I have used Batiste in the past but recently I have been using TRESemme's Dry Shampoo, £5.25 200ml bottle from Boots - TRESemme Dry Shampoo Link

8. A decent sized mirror - if you are a bit of a fashion freak then wanting to know what you look like is a must! Bring a big-ish mirror, not your full length mirror from your bedroom, but small enough to shove in a back pack! Anything is better than a compact mirror people!

9. Wellies! - I bought myself a decent pair of Joules wellies (Wellies Link) last summer for Latitude and they were perfect! Don't bring LOADS of different pairs of shoes, you'll probably end up only wearing 2 pairs at the most, I know you want to look good but you need the extra room to hide your bottles of vodka!

10. A Bumbag Bitches - I bought one of these at Latitude last year and it was really useful! I always thought they were hideous things and could never understand why ANYBODY would wear one, but they are actually pretty lush! Mine was from a vintage stall for £5. Unfortunately, I have misplaced mine so cannot upload a photo for you all to see! 

11. A Fancy Dress Costume - Even if it's an indian head dress and some glitter on your face, making a bit of a fool out of yourself is acceptable at a festival. Although morph suits are not acceptable, I hate morph suits, a big no no. 

12. Floral Headdress - It's the classic girly thing to bring to a festival!!! I bought mine from Primark last summer for around £3, and I am pretty sure they will be back this summer too! I have however found an amazing woman who sells them online:http://www.ameliajanelondon.com/ - go and check out her lovely headdresses!

13. FRIENDS - This is a must! bring a good selection of friends to a festival with you. You will have the time of your life, experience things others won't and there will be one off moments which you'll cherish for the rest of your life!

I hope this has been a helpful insight on what to bring with you to a festival, I have probably missed shed loads of stuff, but to me, these are the most essential things to bring...oh, and a groovy pair of leggings... and hand sanitizer...and mouthwash...

Love xoxo

Austria, We Love You...

Well, Eurovision happened last night!? Did anyone else watch this years Eurovision Song Contest? I've seen better if I'm honest but it was still worth the watch. 

If none of you have any interest in the Eurovision then I guess I better fill you in on what happened last night...

This guy!

Austria decided to use an eccentric bearded lady to win the hearts of Europe last night, and they succeeded. I didn't really like the song myself, but I think it got to the point where nobody was actually paying attention to the song anymore and was just infatuated on the hairy lady on screen!

Looks like I'm off to Austria next year then.

I was rooting for Iceland, they were much more entertaining than a man in a dress:


Enough about bad tasting music, lets talk about FASHION. We love a bit of fashion banter don't we? 

I finally received my lovely tiger dress from www.daisystreet.co.uk which I was VERY excited about! 
TA DA!!!
I think it looks good with my big man boots!
Well done Daisy Street!

I also received this lovely daisy print dress from Boohoo: www.boohoo.com

Again, I'm rockin' it with my boots and a thing black cardigan from New Look ( last season though!)

I did buy a few other things but you can check those out on my new video on YouTube:

I also have a wedding coming up this year and I have slowly started panicking about what to wear. I have ONE dress which I deem acceptable for a wedding:

Thoughts??? Is it too dress down?

That's it from me, but I'll leave you with a Eurovision song!



Good evening everybody! 

I'm glad I caught your attention because I have news to tell you...


Now for me, this is simply great news as I can now cross the pond and find peace in southern Romania.

 but for my boyfriend, he thinks as soon as I get my tiny little chubsy wubsy child hands onto my new shiny passport I am going to run away with a bunch of gypsies and never return.

I think I'd fit in like a glove, I have many different sets of belly dancing outfits precisely for this moment in my life.

On another note, I bought some new fan-tabbi-dosey clothes in the cheeky sale of LIFE, aka online shopping.

I shopped at Daisy Street and bought this little gem:

 ( excuse me for having to screenshot it!) £7.99 in the sale, I love it so much that I might just sleep in it, forever.

The other two pieces I purchased from the world wide web were from Boohoo

 This lovely animal print dress for only £10!

Daisy Print 'r' us - love this cute dress - £12

Online shopping is bloody luxury but deadly too! Girls, be careful out there! Daisy Street and Boohoo are definitely worth checking out if you're looking for some seriously fun and gorgeous summer clothes! Perfect for festivals this year too! 

I'll be doing a VLOG on tips for festivals and what to bring/not to bring, so stayed tuned!

- Please take a sneak peek at my YouTube channel and subscribe, or just tell me what you think! If you're feeling even more generous, share it with your compadres: 


Right, I'm now going to watch the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals!

until next time,