How To Make A Teacup Candle

Teacup Candles

So, As I have a little bit of time on my hands at the moment I decided to take up a new hobby and make tea cup candles! 
I watched a few YouTube videos to get an idea of how to actually make the candle as I was a bit lost, I'm not really one for arts & crafts, but once I did the first one, they were a piece of pie!

All you need is:
- A cute teacup ( and a saucer if you like)
- Wicks( with a sustainer, (the metal piece) already attached)
-Wax( I have used paraffin wax, soy wax is pretty good for teacup candles too though)
- A chopstick or two pens tied together( I'll show you in photos!)
- A bowl or jug with a lip to pour the wax once melted

You can pick up teacups from charity shops or a car boot sale for only a couple of quid!
 The wicks I bought from Ebay for £2.15 - Here is the link: Wicks from Ebay

I found the wax in my house, I melted down scented tea light candles, but you can use any wax, although, from what I have read soy wax is better! You can buy wax off Ebay or Amazon - Soy Wax from Ebay

If you don't have scented candles, that's fine because you can buy candle scents from Ebay: Ebay candle essence

Okay, so lets begin!

1. Wash your teacup and make sure it is dry before putting in the wax 

2. Get your candles and chop them up into small pieces and place into a jug or bowl

3. get your bowl/jug of wax and place in the microwave for around 4-5 minutes( or until it is a liquid)

4. Leave the wax for a minute or so, as the bowl/jug can be very hot!

5. Get the wick and place in the centre of the tea cup, if this won't stay still, get 2 pens and 2 hair ties, tying around each end of the pens and place on top of the cup.

6. You then want to place the wick through the pens so it stays in one place, like the picture above :)

7. You then want to pour in the wax and leave for an hour or so to set. 

8. Once the wax has set, you can then remove the pens and cut some of the wick off, I cut a couple of inches off!

9. Hey presto! You have got yourself a tea cup candle baby!

My wick is still a bit big, I might chop it down some more!!

I hope this was helpful, it was super fun to make and was so easy! It smells absolutely divine! I'm going to start selling these in my mamma's vintage shop! 

Check out her shop on Facebook: Oola Boola Facebook

Thanks for reading peeps!

Love xoxoxo

Graduate Fashion Week - Interviews

My Interview with Jessica Long

If you read my previous blog, you will know that I got the opportunity to go down to London and check out the Graduate Fashion Week.

I had such an amazing experience at the GFW, it gave me an insight on what the fashion industry is like, how competitive it can be and how much hard work goes into students work. 

As I was walking around, I found Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) and was able to speak to a few of the students who were given the opportunity to come down to London and network with other people in the industry and promote their work. 

I was able to catch a lovely lady called Jessica Long, who is graduating with a BA (hons) in Fashion. Whilst I had her in my grasp, I asked her some questions:

What degree are you doing?

"Fashion BA (Hons) at Norwich University of The Arts"

What got you interested in fashion?

"I remember being younger and colouring in those black and white outlines of girls in dresses, so that was probably the starting point. I would say the moment I realised I really wanted to do fashion was when I bought  Vogue at about 15, and saw Agyness Deyn on the front. I didn't know who she was but I LOVED what she was wearing. I later found out it was House of Holland and fell in love with the brand. From that point I became really interested in fashion, trends and quirky fashion related things like Lady Luck Rules OK and Tatty Devine."

Do you feel that the course has benefitted you for the future/what are your future plans after uni?

"I feel that from the course I have developed my pattern cutting skills a hell of a lot. I love the making side so I hope to maybe make some things to sell on Etsy.  The course has benefitted me for the future in many ways, my peers are also future contacts, we have met people in the industry, our tutors have contacts in many fields and I think over the three years you learn what your strengths and weaknesses are within fashion.
After University I still am not 100% sure what's next. We all dream that we will fall into the right job straight away but I was told recently you will have around 5 jobs before you find that right one for you. I hope to obviously get a job either in design or trend forecasting, but will probably have to intern more first! The beauty is, now I have time to network and really find those key contacts that could become life long industry friends!"

What was you final piece for the graduate show and why did you choose this? 

 "My work was mentioned in the Graduate Fashion Week blog - GFW Blog"

"My final collection is called Rebel Revolution. The collection was originally inspired by a cult punk film called Jubilee. This then fed into looking into punk as a subculture and society at the time the subculture began. I then looked into the Winter Of Discontent, the IRA and an inspirational photoshoot called Buffalo Stance which used fine tailoring in a really quirky and inspirational way. This then turned into Rebel Revolution, using tartan, checks and stripes to reflect a controlled yet chaotic atmosphere and collection."

 "I really love the relationship between fashion and culture and even music and fashion. I think it is really important, especially to British culture as there are so many cross overs."

What did you think of the GFW and what got you the opportunity to be there?

"At my University we had a selection process with Hilary Alexander and Betty Jackson where we got to showcase our final collection to them and just talk about the collections. It was a great opportunity to just hear industry professionals views of our work as I feel sometimes we're just stuck in this bubble of university. From this, they chose 14 members of our course to progress to Graduate Fashion Week. I was so grateful for my place." 

"GFW was a whirlwind! There are so many people to speak to, fellow students and people in the industry to talk to. I think the Q & A sessions in particular were good as you can hear from people in different areas of fashion and their experiences. I got snapped by a member of WGSN who loved my House of Holland Levi jacket! I thought it was lucky as I bought it in a sample sale the day before!"

Who are your inspirations and why?

"This is a tricky question, I wouldn't say I have a muse or a single person that inspires me to create what I create. As I said before culture and my surroundings are really inspirational. I think many people are inspired by things that are dreamlike, where as I like real life. I guess other forms of art too are inspiring for me, I love poetry and music. I find real solace sometimes in music lyrics, they can really just set my mind going when I'm sketching ideas."

Did you get a chance to look at another other students work?

"Victoria Watson ( a student from NUA) had an icy glazier theme which I found really interesting. I think she was inspired by the process of the cracking and breaking of the ice. I saw she had turned it into a crazy print of the cracks in the ice which I loved. Also some of her silhouettes had these sharp crisp lines I just could see myself wearing, seriously beautiful!"

"I just find what other creative people find inspirational, fascinating."

"Amy Coppin (another student from NUA) also had an outfit in particular I loved! It was a beautiful printed dress that was a view of Brazil from Mars. She then had this brown wrap jacket piece over the top that was stunning. Really creatively cut and stunning, the whole collection as beautiful."

Would you recommend NUA as a good uni for prospective fashion students?

"I think it depends what you want to get out of the fashion course. I would recommend NUA to the students that want to learn how to pattern cut, creatively pattern cut, push themselves in their design process too. The course is quite unique for the fact that you learn yourself how to do these things. In many universities you get to the final collection stage and have a technician or other member of staff to make everything for you. What are you learning from that? Nothing. At NUA you learn every step from a design sketch to a garment going down the catwalk." 

Jessica was a very determined and influential person to meet, who had a lot of drive and passion for what she does. If you like her work and would like to see more, or even get in contact with her, you can find her here: or check out her website:

I lost my Graduate Fashion Week Virginity!

Graduate Fashion Week 2014 - My Experience

As I write for They Say Magazine, the Editor, Megan Burn, gave me the chance to go to the GFW this year and it was FANTASTIC.

I have never been to a fashion week before, so I was quite nervous and felt a bit out of my depth at first, but once I got into the swing of things, I was talking to everyone! 

There was so many universities with such amazing and inspirational pieces of work, it was quite overwhelming. As we got media passes, we were lucky enough to blag some free tickets to the University of East London's Catwalk Show. 

I did a few videos ( which I will merge into one big video on YouTube very soon ) but for now, here is a small clip of what the sassy catwalk was showing off on the opening day!


The University of East London fashion graduates have some powerful outfits, the show was a really big eye opener for me and it made me realise how hard these young people have worked to get to where they are now. 

Walking around the show...

After the catwalk show we had a good look around and checked out all of the work, there was a lot of amazing work, I think I walked a fair few miles in there!
 As the GFW was sponsored by George they had a stall themselves which was showcasing the Make it Fad charity which is a creative charity helping young people to explore their skills and giving them opportunities in the industry.

Above: One of the designs by a student who is part of Make it Fad.

The other good thing I got out of visiting the  George stall was also the cheeky freebie bag, Rimmel Apocolips and Rimmel Kate Moss nail polish! YAY!

We also took a sneak peak into the George pop up shop next door and I purchased a lovely watermelon hand bag (£8), whilst my friend treated me to a t-shirt designed by one of the students!

Oh, and we may of got some crazy photos taken in the George photo booth!

As I was mooching around I found some absolutely stunning shoes, created by Janak Mistry from DeMonfort University who studied Footwear Design.

I love the contrasting colours, they are my kind of heel! So beautiful! 
if you are interested in this students work, please check out her website:

Also on my travels around the show, I found my home towns very own university, NUA!

I got to speak to a couple of the students who were lucky enough to bring their portfolios to the show and showcase their work. I got to speak to Jessica Long and Rutendo Kamupira who are both studying Fashion - (more from them in my next blog) Here is a quick video interview with Rutendo:


If you're interested in studying fashion at university, I highly recommend NUA, read my next blog on my interviews with NUA students and check out the website:

Some of my favourite pieces were made by the students at Nottingham Trent University:

Harriet Best's jacket was out of this world, so vibrant and wonderful! If that's not a festival jacket, then I don't know what is! 

This may have not been the most in depth blog on the GFW but it was a fantastic experience and I had such a great time! By the end of the day I was absolutely pooped, however, I met some lovely people, discovered some great talent and burnt off a few calories from all the walking! 

If you are interested in fashion and are thinking about studying it at uni then I suggest that you get tickets to the Graduate Fashion Week and get a feel of what they do, what they have been through and get some tips and advice from people!

So it was bye bye London:

Hello, 2.5 hour bus journey home!

Love xoxo