My Christmas Presents This Year!

I absolutely love Christmas, the food, the booze, decorating the tree and not forgetting the presents! I was so impressed with what I received this year, there's usually one present which is questionable but the family did good!

I thought I would show you all some of my favourite presents from the bunch (mainly my make-up products and some other bits and bobs) 

I'll start with my star of the show, the Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick  - I was really surprised I got this for Christmas as I know it's quite expensive but I am absolutely chuffed I now own a Bobbi Brown product (thanks mum!)

I loved the packaging it came in!

The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick glides onto your cheekbones so perfectly, it leaves your skin glowing and you feel like a true bronzed goddess! 

I was also lucky to receive some MAC foundation, primer and lipstick - Santa loved me this year!

 I got a matte lipstick in Relentlessly Red which I think suits girls with blonde hair (like me!)

I love this shade of red, this will go nicely in my wide range of red lipsticks.

I bought some MAC foundation from Selfridges during the summer and with it I received the MAC Prep & Prime. I gave it a try and fell in love with the product straight away, it is so silky smooth and with a hint of sparkle, it makes putting on make-up that bit easier.

I ran out of MAC foundation about two months ago and refused to buy anymore before Christmas as I was hoping someone would buy me some more! Luckily they did and I'm so grateful for it! I had to use a Rimmel foundation in the mean time and it just wasn't the same, MAC foundation all the way! 

 This is the Studio Fix Fluid in NW13 shade

I have quite fair skin so NW13 is the perfect shade for my complexion. The girls at the MAC counter are always really helpful and will find you the right type of make-up for your skin.

Now I own all this lovely make-up, I need to put it in something! Fear not, as I got a beautiful make-up bag which holds so much stuff in it, it's great! I always have to leave a lot of my make-up at home as I have now obtained quite a few palettes and so leave them behind!

I told you it could hold a lot!

I've started to try out more palettes as I've never thought about buying them in the past and would use a single eyeshadow instead of having a variety. 

My boyfriend bought me the W7 - In The Night Smokey Shades Eye Colour Palette which has 12 bold and beautiful shades to use. 

From left to right: Dusty/Wonderland/Summer/Atlanta/Abracadabra/Top Hat/Razzmataz/Lady Luck/Laura E/Party Pooper/Gate Crash/Bologna 

Moving on from make-up slightly and onto nail varnish - my boyfriend bought me the Ciate Candy Cane House which holds 4 different glittery nail varnishes, all with their own festive scents!

Unfortunately I got too excited and got rid of the box before I took the photos but it was in this cute little candy house.
The 4 glitters are: Ginger Snap (gingerbread scent)
Candy Craze (candy cane scent)
Tangled Tinsel (Christmas tree scent)
Snow Fall (fresh cotton scent)

Here I am wearing Snow Fall and Tangled Tinsel (excuse the awful cuticles!)

My New Years Eve nails - Ginger Snap by Ciate on top and a Grape Affair by OPI as a base.

Speaking of festive scents, I was bought this huge Yankee Candle for Christmas and it smells too good. I have had my fair share of Yankee Candles but I've never had the Christmas Cookie candle before, yum!

It has such a powerful scent and will make any room smell delicious.

Every year I need a new diary and I like to be quite particular about what kind of diary I get as it has to fit into my handbag. This year I got a perfect diary for my handbag, it fits like a glove and is very pretty too!

I hope I will have more exciting events and invites to fill this diary with! 

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year! 

Birchbox: December Edition

This months box is crammed full of winter essentials and party saviours, just what I need for this busy few weeks ahead!

There are quite a few brands I have never heard in this months Birchbox but am looking forward to trying them all!

So let's begin:

Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream £50

Eslor is a premium skin care company who pride themselves in giving people beautiful complexions!

The Firming Collagen Day Cream is designed to give your skin a bit of a plumping boost and with it's super hydrating properties it's brilliant for the cold months!

This is only a sample pot but it will last me quite a while, you just massage into your skin once cleansed morning and night.

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator £26

Vasanti is a Canadian brand and have brought out this delightful exfoliator cleanser to make our skin look and feel soft, smooth and radiant.

It's made from Papaya, Micro-crystals, Coconut and Aloe making it the perfect combination to give our skin a good seeing to!

All you need to do is wet your face and massage a pea-sized amount of product over your face - do this 3-5 times a week.

BiOrganics Perfect Balance Rebalancing Shampoo £9

BioOrganics is a natural hair range free from paragons, perfume and artificial colour ensuring that your hair gets the right treatment without the nasties!

It cares for coloured hair (woohoo!), helps relieve itchy & dry scalps as well as balancing out oily roots and dry hair ends (plus other good stuff)

When I first took a whiff of the shampoo you could really smell the lavender but it also contains camomile too! I can't wait to give this product a go, my hair is having a bit of a bad time at the moment so it deserves some TLC.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick Smoke £8 (full size product)

Eyes weren't lying when they said it was a fat stick, it's huge! I have never really used an eyeshadow product this thick before but I'm willing to give it a go!

Eyeko are a London based company and have got some gorgeous products including the Alexa Chung Mascara and Eyeliner set. These Fat Eye Sticks are exclusive to Birchbox and come in three different colours: Gilt, Smoke and Satin.

It's perfect for doing smokey eyes during the Christmas season and is very simple to apply.  It's a lovely charcoal colour and is ever so slightly sparkly, just what you need to get into the Christmas spirit!

This has got to be one of my favourite products in the box this month.

Benefit Christmas Cracker - High Beam £19.50 (Birchbox Exclusive)

I love opening crackers over Christmas dinner and finding what ridiculous free toy and bad joke you've got but this cracker is a little bit different.

The Benefit Christmas Cracker has got inside one of their best products: High Beam.
High Beam is a liquid illuminator which suits all skin tones ( even more reason to buy a full size bottle)

I have used High beam in the past and have loved it, it makes your cheekbones and brow bones really pop and shine, making you look gorgeous for a night out!

It's very easy to apply, all you need to do is paint a small amount onto your cheekbones and/or brown bones and just keep blending until you see fit, ta dah!

Models Own Nail Polish £5 (full size product)

You were given an option of what nail varnish colour you wanted and so I chose Amethyst although I kind of regret this now as I recently has a manicure done in Models Own Emerald shade and fell in love with it but never mind!

Amethyst is a beautiful sparkly purple essential for the Christmas season. The lid is made from purple velvet which I thought was a cute touch. The good thing about Models Own Nail Polish is that it's such good value for money, £5 is a good price for high quality polish.

I will be using this for my Christmas day nails :)

Sophia Webster Purse £25 (Birchbox exclusive)

Sometimes Birchbox like to throw in an extra little treat and send a lifestyle gift too. This month they have sent me a cute little Sophia Webster Purse, useful if you don't want to take your full purse out with you! It can fit cards, change and even a lipstick in there.

Sophia Webster is a magnificent shoe and bag designer based in the UK, her designed are really quite breath taking. This months box was inspired by her work and I love it!

My Christmas blog will be up soon, thanks for reading!

Lush Bath Bomb - My First Experience

I know Lush has been around for years and I've heard loads of good things about the company but I've never bought anything from them for myself, it's always been for others!

I decided to buy some of their most popular products to see what all the noise was about. I chose the Northern Lights bath bomb and the Snow Fairy shower gel.

The winter is well an truly upon us now which gives us more of an excuse to have deliciously hot baths so I tried out the Northern Lights bath bomb first. I really like the  idea of it, making the illusion of the Northern Lights with the added touch of sparkly stars embedded in the bath bomb.

 It is Ylang Ylang and Jasmine scented so you know you're in for a relaxing bathing experience!
Unfortunately you can't see the stars in my photos but they were a really nice touch, it made my bath feel very Christmassy!

It turned my bath water completely purple but had these neon yellows and blues swirling around to create the Northern Lights effect.

You can get hold of one of these from any Lush shop and are priced at £3.50. If you would rather not face the bitter weather, you can always buy these online!

Check out my video of the Northern Lights exploding in my bath!


The next day I tried the Snow Fairy shower gel and my God, was it delicious. To this day, I still want to eat it every time I'm in the shower!

According to Lush Snow Fairy is a limited edition product which only comes out around the winter months. It smells like candy floss and bubble gum, it's a very sweet scent but is so nice to wash yourself with!

As you can see, it's very pink and has a slight hint of sparkle to it so it's probably best to advise your boyfriend before he starts slapping it on. 

You can buy a 100g bottle for £3.75 - I still have loads left and have been using it for a few weeks now!

Get yourself in the Christmas spirit and get yourself down to the Lush store!