January Birchbox

I never really know when my Birchbox is going to arrive and this month it turned up quite early and amongst a bunch of treats for the bloggers event I'm hosting with three other ladies very soon! 

This month Birchbox teamed up with Women's Health Magazine to kick start our 2015 and give us all the health boost we all need after Christmas.

The box is filled with brilliant revitalising and feel good samples to help me get back to normal before February creeps in. 

So what's in store this month? A hell of a lot of goodies, once again I was very impressed with what I received in this little box of joy and it is definitely one of the best subscription beauty boxes out there. 

(Women's Health have given us Birchbox subscribers a discount on their magazine!)

I will start off with the book of 12 challenges - these little tips range from how to sit straight to taking a cold shower! 

On the theme of getting fit and healthy, I also received this pilate band worth £7.99 ( a Birchbox exclusive)

With this band I can tone, increase my strength and improve my muscle endurance all in the comfort of my home! 

Keeping within the health kick vibe I found this green tea made by Embrace Matcha in my box. Matcha is a superfood which is 100% natural and has 10 times more antioxidants than green tea does, crazy! Just add this secret superfood to a smoothie or juice and feel on top of the world!

£24.99 for a full packet.

Up next is the HealGel Face Lotion sample which is used day and night after cleansing. This lotion has a lovely smell to it, very fresh and light, it contains omega oils and hyaluronic acid which helps replenish the skin and keep it feeling smooth. 

(£48 for a full sized bottle)

There was also another lotion in the box made by Activbod which is a cool finishing lotion and is at a bargain price of £12. 

This menthol lotion has been created to use after a workout and a good scrub in the shower to leave your skin feeling tingly you feeling re-energized! 

In the past few years putting oil in your hair has become very popular and the thing to do and the majority of us have followed suit. I have tried macadamia and organ oil and i'm interested in trying this Agave Healing Oil Treatment   that I got in my Birchbox. 

(from £16)

This little sample contains a lightweight oil which gives your hair a boost, shine and build resilience. All you need to do is squirt a 5p sized amount between our hands and rub it on your hair from root to tip!

Before I use the healing oil I will give this Phillip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Shampoo a go. Although I don't suffer with an itchy or flaky scalp it might help prevent it. 

(£21 for a full bottle)

This is an award winning formula which soothes and relieves an itchy scalp whilst leaving your hair super shiny!

Last of all and my favourite product out of the box is the Stila Lip Glaze 

(£15 for a full size)
This gorgeous smelling lip gloss is a staple make-up product for my handbag. I will be using this on a daily basis as it's long wearing and neutral. 

So that was my January Birchbox, I hope you liked the products as much as I did. If you have been reading my Birchbox reviews and been impressed with what's inside then I highly recommend you subscribing! £12.95 a month and no contract!

Thanks for reading.

From One Lover of Silver Jewellery to Another

I really like jewellery but I tend to not buy good quality jewellery as I always lose it! Over the past few years though I have been able to collect a nice range of silver and turquoise jewellery which luckily hasn't gone missing from some drunken night out!

My mum is fully aware of my love for silver jewellery mainly because my love for it came from her as she is always wearing it and her bracelets never fail to amaze me. She has every stone under the sun I swear. 

As a Christmas present my Mum bought me these absolutely gorgeous silver and turquoise earrings from a quaint little shop called Osokozi in Holt, Norfolk. 

I automatically fell in love with me and practically wear them all the time.

They are such wonderful earrings!

Osokozi has been in Holt since 1992 and has nestled in an 18th century cottage which was once named 'Osokozi'. They pride themselves of selling jewellery, ethnic artefacts and quality greeting cards. 

If any of you can make your way to Holt in North Norfolk then do it, this shop will blow your mind. 

Thanks for reading!

The Best Blender: Breville Blend Active

I have never owned a blender in my entire life, my mum has never thought to buy one and it was only until last year a blender was introduced into my world and that was through my boyfriend! 
Buying a blender has never really crossed my mind as they always seem too fiddly with all the different attachments that come with it and it seems like a lot of hassle. 

However, when I discovered the Breville Blend Active I was instantly intrigued so had a bit of an impulse buy and bought it off Amazon for only £20 (It's usually £29)

It is a very clever contraption so the guys at Breville, bravo! You have done yourselves proud, it's an ingenious idea. 

With your typical blender the container you put all the ingredients in generally has to then get washed out and put away but with this blender the jug doubles up as a sports bottle, so once you've blended your favourite smoothie you just take the blades off and replace it with a bottle cap, SO CLEVER!

It comes with two bottles which are both 600ml, the removable blade and the machine itself. it is extremely easy to use, I've even got my Dad on the case and he thinks it's brilliant. I was very impressed with the fact that it can blend up ice, I didn't think it would be so powerful but I was wrong.

The other day I decided to give it a whirl and I made a make shift smoothie which I like to call the Courtypeach special.

I used: 1 x banana
a handful of blueberries
a fat free mixed fruit yoghurt
coconut water

I threw it all in the 600ml bottle, gave it a few blasts ( you can only really blend for a max of 30 seconds) and voila:

 It tasted bloody gorgeous too!

I think this could be the best lifestyle product I have bought this year so far, it's such a brilliant invention. I have got so many different recipes and ideas up my sleeve for the next few weeks, smoothie diet anyone? 

Thanks for reading!

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Sleek Make-up - Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

As Christmas has only just been and gone, I wasn't expecting a cheeky trip to Norwich for a day of shopping. My boyfriend was extremely thoughtful and generous to take me make-up shopping as he didn't know what make-up I wanted for Christmas and every time I tried to explain to him the things I liked, I was greeted with a blank facial expression. 

I have been craving the Sleek Make-up Precious Metals Highlighting Palette for quite some time now and thought this would be a good time to get it. You can buy the Sleek Make-up range in Superdrug, Tesco and Sleek Make-up website of course. 

I am one for playing it safe when it comes to make-up as I find it hard to take the plunge and experiment with different shades and colours. Although this palette contains my 'safety' colours, I have never really used a contouring/highlighting palette before so wanted to give it a shot. 

The palette comes with four different shades, three of which are creams and one is powder:
(from left to right)
- Platinum (cream)
- Royal Gold (cream)
-Renaissance Gold (cream)
- Antique Bronze (powder)

It comes with a little brush which I may use for the Antique Bronze powder but I was able to pick up a lovely eyeshadow brush by Superdrug which is perfect for using the creams. 

I decided I was going to concentrate on the eyes and cheeks for my first attempt, just to see what the colours look like on my complexion. 

I was really impressed with how the metallic creams came out on my skin, they make my mouth water just by looking at them. 

The box the palette comes in gives you tips on how to use the different colours and so I took their advice on putting the Platinum cream on my brow bone and putting some of the Antique Bronze on my cheekbones. I also put some Renaissance Gold on my eyelid with a mix of the Antique Bronze powder.

You can really intensify a look with these metallic shades by using a precision eyeshadow brush. I put some of the Royal Gold in my inner eyelids too!

I have never used Sleek Make-up before but I am really impressed with this palette they have brought out. It's meant to be £10 on their website but I got it for £7.99 ( I think they were having some kind of Christmas sale) 

The most important thing of all of course is the fact that they don't test on animals, hooray! 

I take my hat off to Sleek Make-up, they have really hit the nail on the head and I will most definitely be buying from them again!

Thanks for reading!

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My New Years Resolutions

I know it's very generic to make New Years resolutions and for me they are usually the same as last years: lose weight, get a decent job and get out of debt. So far only one of these has come true (I have finally landed myself a brilliant job as a blogger and I love it)

I have decided to scrap the concept of 'resolutions' and just give myself advice instead. So for 2015 I want to be able to really succeed in my new role and work my ass off to get the recognition I deserve. I have had too many shit jobs in my life and it's now my time to shine!

I have also given myself a challenge to at least try and lose some weight before I head to Crete in May, this is a great incentive as I fear I'll end up looking like a beached whale and that's not really the look I want to be rocking on my first ever holiday with my boyfriend!

However, there is no point what so ever to stress out about losing the extra pounds I have unfortunately gained as I have done this in the past and it only makes things worse. If it happens, it happens, I'm not going to get to a point where I'm crying into my salad because I didn't go swimming that week. 

I would also like to see my blog go a bit further this year and really try and get myself out there but there's a hell of a lot of competition and it's a dog eat dog industry. If you're in it for the free stuff then you're not really doing it for the right reasons, I love writing so blogging has become a hobby (and now a job) for me so anything that comes out of blogging is a bonus! 

2014 didn't start particularly well for me but by the end, things started to look up and so I'm hoping 2015 is going to bring me only bigger and better challenges. 

So here is to 2015, happy New Year everyone!