A Students Guide To Norwich's Nightlife

If you got the grades you had hoped for then I imagine you are getting yourself all packed and ready to move to your chosen university. This is exciting times for you and you should make the most of it as the working world can sometimes suck!

Norwich is one of the best cities in England and that's not just me being biased, it's the truth. If you are heading to Norwich to study at the UEA, Norwich University of the Arts, or City College then you are going to need to read this important guide to help you find the best bars/pubs to drink at.

I'm going to tell you right away that this guide is going to be based on good places to eat, drink and have a good time. It may be seen as a 'tunnel visioned' opinion but, one night down Prince of Wales Road and you will understand why I haven't mentioned any bars or clubs down there.

So, let's get started:

If you are someone who likes to just sit and chat over a coffee or glass of wine then there are quite a few places dotted around the city that will be of interest to you. 

(image source: Frank's Bar Website)

Frank's Bar: A cozy little treasure tucked down Bedford Street. Frank's Bar is a superb place to go for a coffee and cake during the day, or if you prefer to come out at night, this place is open until midnight (Tuesday-Thursday) and 2.30am (Friday and Saturdays) - The food served here is some of the nicest food you will ever encounter in Norwich. The notorious Frank's Platter is ideal for those who like to share their food ( I know it's not for everyone) which consists of hummus, mixed breads, olives and oil & balsamic. They also do breakfast, brunch, tapas and mouth watering dinners. Frank's Bar has vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options which is great as some places can be a bit tight with variety.

* They also do great movie nights here too, find out more via their Facebook page.

(image source: The Bicycle Shop Facebook)

The Bicycle Shop: Situated on the ever so trendy St Benedicts Street, The Bicycle Shop is an uber hipster place to be. Believe it or not but the name of this bar wasn't just plucked out of the air, it was a bicycle shop for 82 years and so they carried on the theme. You can't really miss this place, they have intricate and highly detailed window displays -  even if you pop in for a coffee, you will have a great experience. They serve breakfast, tapas and dinner as well as host numerous gigs and events ( you can see the upcoming events here.)

My favourite part of the Bicycle Shop is the downstairs bar, it is super comfy and has a real chilled out vibe than. I highly recommend you try this place out! Follow them on Facebook.

(image source: The Birdcage Facebook)

The Birdcage: This is a very popular pub right in the heart of the city. You can find The Birdcage down Pottergate, opposite the notorious Grosvenor Fish Bar. Grab yourself a pint, order yourself some fish and chips from over the road and soak up the atmosphere. The Birdcage has a good vibe and a cute cat which you will see lazing around the bar. If you like, cocktails, good beers, dj's, open mic nights, speed dating and board games, then this is the place for you. Follow The Birdcage on Facebook  and Twitter.

(image source: The Playhouse Bar Facebook)

The Playhouse Bar: If you are going to NUA then this will be your local watering hole - this bar is a stones throw away from the university and is bloody fantastic. I have been going to The Playhouse since I can remember, many good times have been spent here including seeing James Acaster perform at the Playhouse Theatre which the bar is attached to. Although it's not the biggest bar in the world, you can make it work. There are sofas scattered around as well as ample outside seating which looks out onto the river. They sell a great range of beers and their house doubles aren't too expensive either!

If you want to grab a table then I suggest you get there early ( straight after uni preferably!) Over the weekend they have some great DJ's on and one thing I must remind you all to do... look at the ceiling.  .. you'll know what I mean when you see it.  Follow this wonderful bar on Facebook  and Twitter.

(image source: St Andrew Brew House Facebook)

St Andrew Brew House: What once was Delaney's ( an Irish bar)  this hot spot is now the face of the St Andrew Brew House. This is a relatively new pub and is perfect for those of you who love your ales. You will see the magic happen right before your eyes as the pub is also the brewery of their own delicious pints. If you are an ale fanatic, then their tours of the brewery might be something to look into!

For those of you who like to follow sport then this is also a great place to watch your favourite team, recently they have been showing rugby and tennis, so if that's something that takes your fancy then pop in. St Andrew Brew House also host live music and have a great menu if you're feeling a bit peckish.

I visited this pub only a few weeks ago and really enjoyed myself, I would highly recommend this place! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

(image source: Aroma's Facebook)

Aroma: If coffee and/or cocktails are your thing then the Aroma on Upper King Street is the place for you. Aroma is split into two sections, the downstairs cafe and the upstairs bar, both perfect in their own way! Indulge in a pastry and a hot coffee from 7.30am or if you want to start your evening with cocktails then head to their bar which is open until midnight Fridays and Saturdays. ( the cafe is also open until midnight at the weekends.)

This is such a lovely bar and is very chilled. I spent an evening here playing cards and drinking cocktails, oh yeah, and it's table service which is awesome. In terms of prices, an Americano is £1.90, a toasted ham, egg and cheese muffin is £2.95 and cocktails vary in price ( not too expensive though!)

SIDE NOTE: Myself and two other bloggers, Justine Pendrill and Hannah Roberts are hosting a beauty bloggers event at this venue on October 19th. If you are a blogger studying in Norwich, hit us up on Twitter ( @Norwich_Blogger) for future events.

Follow these guys on Twitter and Facebook.

(image source: Gonzo's Tea Room Facebook)

Gonzo's Tea Room: If you are one for dancing then Gonzo's Tea Room is a good shout. This is a very compact bar\club and has recently been renovated to look the tits. I want to say they are open in the day, but I'm not sure, the best thing would be to find out through their Facebook page! This used to be a place where people who have made it 3am come to party but now it's a little less like that, you will catch people coming in here around 10/11pm and finding a nice spot to sit and relax until you want to get your disco feet on.

Gonzo's Tea Room hosts a wide range of nights including comedy nights and live music over the course of the week. The inside of the Gonzo's is really something, back in the day it was nowhere near as cool as what it is today. It has scrubbed up very nicely and is one of the most popular places to go for a night out in Norwich.

They do a great range of cocktails, beers and spirits, so there is something for everyone. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the latest events and updates.

There are many other bars and clubs to visit but these are some of the best around to get you started. Let me know if you venture to any of these venues and send me your opinions! 

Welcome to Norwich peeps!

Daily Cultures Green Tea Review

I don't know how long I've loved herbal teas, but they are a big part of my daily routine. Normally I will have one in the morning and a few during the day, they are so refreshing and don't make you feel as bloated as a normal cup of tea!

Stir Drinks were kind enough to send me some samples of their green tea and seeing as green tea is one of my favourites, I was looking forward to giving it a go!

Stir Drinks Daily Cultures Green Tea comes with a 2 weeks supply of tea plus a cute little calendar to keep you organised! (full sized product only) It's made from 99% green tea with 1% GanedenBC30 (friendly bacteria)

Making this cup of goodness is easy as pie: boil the kettle, pour water into mug with the tea bag and leave the tea to infuse for a couple of minutes before taking out. I generally leave the tea bag in as I like it fairly strong but I've been told it burns the tea?!

A full sized box of this healthy tea is £4.95 and can be bought online here. A lot of people think that all green teas taste the same but I disagree. Some can taste really bitter and cheap but this taste exactly how it should!

Thanks for reading :) 

Kiss Cosmetics Lip Vinyl - 'Lady in Red'

I do love my lipsticks, so when I was sent this mini Lady in Red Lip Vinyl* by Kiss Cosmetics, I was very happy. Red and pinks are my favourite shades which is strange because I don't like wearing red or pink clothes... or red cars! 

It has a very thick texture, allowing it to stay on your lips for longer. According to Kiss Cosmetics the Lip Vinyl is "a hybrid of rich liquid lipsticks consisting of 10 shades, Lip Vinyl will give you a slick of high pigmented colour without the stickiness of a lip gloss."

As you can see, the Lip Vinyl in Lady in Red is a very rich berry red colour and looks great once on your gorgeous lips!

(excuse the messiness!) 

It's such a powerful shade and makes your entire make-up just pop, I love it. I can't wait to try it on a night out. There are nine other shades to choose from, including:

Passionate Peach - Birthday Suit - First Kiss - Toxic Kiss - Frisky Fuchsia - Naked Pink - Magnetic Melon - Caressing Red - Seductive Damson. These stunning Lip Vinyl's are only £7.00 and can be purchased via the Kiss Cosmetics website

Thanks for reading!

What's In The Bag? #NRWSummer Goody Bag

I think everyone can say that they all love a goody bag, especially one that's filled to the brim with high quality products. Myself, Justine and Hannah hosted our second event recently and we thought it was a great success, the bloggers really enjoyed themselves and we've had some great feedback so far! 

For those of you who weren't able to make it or just like to be a bit nosey (haha) I thought I would share with you what was inside the gorgeous goody bag. Well, from Real Technique brushes to Dr Bronner Castille Soap, we had the lot! 

We were really pleased with the bags we got, we thought they were really cute!

Let's start with the food first - Yummy Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn and Kettle Chips! Both great flavours, especially the new flavour from Kettle Chips, crispy bacon and maple syrup. 

Real Technique Brushes - An absolutely God send. These are an essential part of my make-up routine and I'm not sure how I survived without them before. I also love the fact that they are made by Pixiwoo who are local make-up artists/vloggers!

Paul Mitchell - Color Care samples: We were very grateful to have Paul Mitchell as a goody bag product, we love their hair care range and these samples will go down a treat on my peroxide blond hair. 

Salcura - Bioskin: This was a big treat for us, four full sized products and all made from natural ingredients. This range is ideal for those of you who suffer with sensitive skin or eczema. I recently had a bad reaction to a bracelet and used the Dermaspray on the area, within a day the itching had stopped and the bumps had disappeared. I would highly recommend this product!

Neal & Wolf - Nourishing Hair Oil: This is a perfect treat for my hair as sometimes it can get a little dry due to it being dyed a lot. I love Neal & Wolf products, they always smell delicious and do my hair the world of good. 

Smartsun UK - UV indicator wristbands: I tested these out a few months ago and they are incredibly smart. They change colour when you need to apply sun cream or stay out of the sun. If you are prone to getting sun burnt then these are ideal for you!

Curaprox - Whitening Toothpaste: I never thought I would using black toothpaste, but anything is possible! This whitening toothpaste came with a toothbrush which I thought was sweet and aims to make your teeth sparkling white! I have tried it a few times but will be doing a full review on this product soon!

Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps: I am a big fan of these, I tried the Hemp Rose one in the bath the other night and it smells divine. These products are made from natural organic oils and are fair trade too! 

(left to right) Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Polish, LipGlam Lip Balm and Angelica Nail Colour.

I have already tried and tested the Angelica Nail Colour and LipGlam and so far I am really impressed. The lip balm stays on for hours which is perfect if you haven't got time to reapply! The Angelica Nail Colour looks fab on my nails, I wore it for my mum's birthday and it looked great, lasted a long time too. I am still yet to try the Crabtree & Evelyn nail polish though, I think I might wait until autumn kicks in!

Exposed Nail Polishes and Eyelashes from Just Essentials, Star Gazer Lipsticks and Lip Gloss:

Luckily I am a big fan of glittery nail polish, the nail polish on the left is perfect for Christmas time. The two lipsticks are going to be used for Halloween! The Stargazer lip gloss is Apple Strudel flavour and smells delicious. I don't doll myself up too often but when I do, I like using fake eyelashes, so these will definitely come into use.

Fashion Fair Lipstick (Sensuous Pink): Every since Fashion Fair sent me a few goodies, I have fallen in love with their beauty products. This lipstick in Sensuous Pink is right up my street, I love bright lipstick shades :)

B. Lip & Cheek Colour: We were so happy when Superdrug said they would work with us on this event. they sent us a range of different products including these lip & cheek colour pens. I'm yet to try it, so watch out for a blog post soon!

Manuka Doctor Skin Treatment Serum, Rejuvenating Face Mask, Targeted Wrinkle Filler: 
These samples from Manuka Doctor came in a little box and are ideal for those looking to try out their products. I love a face mask, so will definitely be using that soon!

Timeless Truth Beauty Face Mask, Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask: Speaking of face masks, Timeless Truth do some of the best face masks I have ever tried. They are all unique in their own way and are so soothing for your skin. I may even use mine today, I'm feeling a bit puffy! 

Bee Good, Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser: Bee Good products are excellent. I use their hand cream and it works like a charm. All made by British Bees, this cream cleaners smells gorgeous and look forward to trying it out!

Jason, Pure Natural Creme & Sea Kelp Pure Natural Shampoo: Jason is a brand I am unfamiliar with but they are very proud of how natural their products are. I do enjoy naturally made products as it's the worst when you get an allergic reaction from some nasty chemicals.

Hello Breath Spray, Mojito Mint: There was a choice of three different flavours, mojito mint, grapefruit and mint. I got mojito which is very odd tasting yet surprisingly refreshing!

Derma V10 goody box: I love this box of treats, the body butter is to die for, it smells so nice! I love all types of hand and nail creams as I really suffer with dry skin sometimes, very happy with this!

So that's it folks, a lot of goodies for one bag don't you think? There will be various blog posts on some of these products over the next few months, so look out!

Norwich Bloggers Meet - #NRWSummer

After our successful first event back in January, myself, Justine and Hannah decided to organise a second one during the summer months. We spent months planning and organising the event which took place on August 9th. It was a great success and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!

We couldn't have had better weather for it really, at one point of the day it was 27 degrees! Luckily, the venue we used (The Garden House Pub) had a superb outside terrace which we used throughout the day for workshops, live music and Just Essentials beautiful stall.

We kicked things off at 1pm and by 1.30pm we had a nice bunch of bloggers at the event!

We thought it made sense to introduce ourselves and explain the run down of the day which was pretty jam packed. 

From 1.30pm we had the lovely and talented Helen Shepherd doing a yoga session for the ladies.

Due to the heat, we could only do light stretching, which was fine by me as I had a dress on and I didn't want to blind anyone!

All the girls who joined in had a real laugh and despite the blazing heat, we all felt a bit more relaxed and flexible than we did that morning!

From 2pm we had Matt Hird from Affinity New Media who did a workshop on social media, giving us some helpful tips and advice.

Matt was really useful and helped us understand how to get the most out of the social media platforms we use for blogging and interacting with others. 

We were very lucky to have Lucy Ferguson come and show us some great hair tutorials. Lucy is a hairdresser from John Oliver's in Norwich and is bloody fantastic! (You can follow Lucy on Twitter: @TopRankin)

Cute beach waves!

So pretty! Loved this plait hair tutorial!

The flowers were a nice touch :)

There was a BBQ throughout the day but I didn't even think to take a photo of my food as I was really hungry! haha! I had a chicken burger and it was lush! 

Just Essentials had a giveaway which the beautiful Charley Parker won! Congrats! It was a hamper worth £30 full of Just Essentials favourite products.

Our very own Hannah did a set of some covers, she has such a beautiful voice it's unreal. 

To finish off the day we had Thomas who did a Q&A on photography and useful hints and tips.

The day was complete with a goody bag for everyone and smoothie by Savse!

All in all, it was a great day and I think everyone had a great time! There has been some great feedback and blog posts on the event. We are already organising the next one in October, so keep your eyes peeled.