Hair-O-Scope: What Your Star Sign Says About Your Hair!

Hi Everyone, 

I am a bit of sceptic when it comes to horoscopes, I sometimes think they are a load of rubbish, but when I found Madison Reed's Hair-O-Scope I was intrigued as to what it had to say about my hair!

Madison Reed are a hair colour brand who sell hair care products and colours which help maintain healthy and radiant hair! A lot of their hair colours are packed full of good ingredients such as Argan oil, Keratin and Ginseng Root.

Okay, so now you know a little bit about the brand, let's take a look at my hair-o-scope...

I can't believe how spot on this is! I know lions have crazy manes sometimes, so maybe that's where they got my hair-o-scope from but it's exactly how I have my hair if i'm going on a night out. 

My general routine is to give my hair a quick blast with the hair dryer making it damp. I then spray on some Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray and let my hair do its thing! It goes naturally wavy and wild, so this hair-o-scope is so bang on it's crazy! Who'd have thought it?! 

If you would like to find out your hair-o-scope simply click here and it will take you straight to their blog all about it! 

Whilst on the Madison Reed website I also discovered Colour Advisor page which helps you determine what colour is best for your hair! You can check this out here. 

Thanks for reading - let me know what your hair-o-scope says and if it's true to your normal hair routine!

Barry Alan Hair Salon: The Perfect Place for A Blow Dry!

Hi everyone, 

I have had quite a busy week in terms of blogging, I've had the pleasure of dining at Wagamama, testing out some beautiful cleansers by Bee Good as well as getting my hair blow dried at the Barry Alan Salon in Norwich. 

I'm not usually one for making my hair look half decent, most mornings I don't even brush my hair before I head to work (bad I know). When I was contacted by Barry Alan Salon to give one of their blow dries a try I jumped at the chance. I like it when other people do my hair and make it look glamorous, as I am just awful! 

Let me tell you a little bit about the new blow dry service the salon is offering:

The 'Express Blow Dry Bar' is designed for individuals or groups to feel pampered and come out feeling a million bucks but without the hefty price tag! This is the first blow dry bar of its kind in Norwich and:
'aims to fulfil the demands of the busy modern woman by providing a well-designed, luxurious experience in order for her to have beautiful styling that enables her to maintain the quality of her hair in between cut and colour.'

As soon as I walked into the salon I was instantly impressed. The decor is beautiful and is deceptively huge inside! Spread over two floors, Barry Alan is a spacious, airy and simply delightful salon to be in. 

I was greeted by Lydia, she would be transforming my hair into something fabulous and I couldn't wait!

Lydia took my jacket, sat me down and took me through a few options I could go for. We decided on a beach wave look, I believe the exact name of my blow dry was called 'Wrap It'. All of their blow dries are £15 and take around 45 minutes to complete which is plenty enough time to relax and enjoy my JUG of squash!

(the biscuits were good too...)

Lydia started off by washing my hair and giving me one of the best head massages of my life! I could of sat there for hours! She was telling me how she recently went to Sassoon for a week in London, it sounded like she had an amazing experience!

I was then taken downstairs to start the magical process of the express blow dry.

Lydia was such an enthusiastic person who you can tell really has a passion for hairdressing. She has such a fantastic talent and quite frankly i'm envious of her! She was also rocking some serious Vivienne Westwood jewellery, girls got style!

As Lydia was working her magic, she was talking me through the various products she was using on my hair. All the products they use are Barry Alan products and are cruelty free, woohoo! I was a big fan of the Elements hair product, this was similar to a leave in conditioner but without the greasy/shiny aftermath! 

Just a few of the products available to buy in the salon. 

So, after 45 minutes of Lydia doing her thing this is how my hair turned out!

I was so happy with the outcome and think the Express Blow Dry Bar is such a brilliant idea. It is great for groups of ladies for a hen do, night out, birthday,or whatever you fancy! They also provide your group with bubbles too which is a lovely touch to the whole experience. As the blow dries are only £15 they are great for students too! 

If you would like to get yourself booked in to their blow dry bar, you can contact them here. Also, feel free to follow them on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!

What do you think of my blow dry do? Have you used Barry Alan before? What did you think of your experience? Please leave your comments below :)

Thanks for reading!

Wagamama's: A Delightful Eating Experience

Hi guys, 

One of the great things I love about my blog is that it is so varied, only last week I was writing about nail polishes and cleansers and today I am writing about my amazing experience at my local Wagamama. 

I love food as much as the next guy, but Wagamama has always had a special place in my heart. Asian food is always a delight to eat due to the aromatic and flavoursome dishes you can choose from, but sometimes it's nice to go to a restaurant and enjoy the whole experience rather than order from your nearest take-away. 

Myself and my boyfriend headed to Wagamama last Friday for a feast and this is how we got on...

Firstly, the service was impeccable. The staff were very welcoming and friendly which is exactly what you want to see at a restaurant, so 10/10 for that folks! A lot of people I have spoken to find Wagamama a giant canteen but I enjoy the way the restaurant is laid out, it's clean crisp and efficient. 

My boyfriend went straight in with a Kirin Ichiban beer, a traditional Japanese beer founded in 1885. My boyfriend described it as a high quality lager (Mick isn't a fan of lager, he's an ale man!) so top points for that. I on the other hand had to settle for a diet Coke as I was the designated driver!

We wanted to try a few dishes we hadn't had before, so I ordered the Pad Thai with chicken and prawns with a side order of steamed chicken Gyoza's (sorry Slimming World). I was too hungry and forgot to take a photo of my steam chicken Gyoza, but they are dumplings which are served with a dipping sauce. They are extremely tasty and aren't a rich and heavy dish due to them being steamed which I liked. 

Mick had the duck Gyoza:

As you can see these have been deep fried, I had a taste and was pleasantly surprised of how much duck was in one little dumpling. They are quite rich, especially with the hoisin sauce added but they were very moorish.

He just could not wait to get them in his mouth!

Wagamama has always served up Japanese dishes since it opened in 1992 but recently they have introduced some Thai dishes too. I think this is a nice touch as it gives the menu even more variety than it already has! 

Mick delved into the Beef Massaman Curry, a mild Thai curry dish. This dish is made up of beef, sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, aubergine, massaman curry sauce and steamed rice. If you are a lover of curry without a huge kick of spice then this would be ideal for you. 

I asked Mick what he thought of the curry and this is what he said:

"The shiitake mushrooms had a strong flavour and came in pretty big chunks. The beef was nicely cooked, very tender and fragrant. There was a mix of different chillies in there so every mouthful was a bit different. It was a nice blend with the flavours. I also loved the sweet potatoes as they are always delicious."

I had the wonderful Pad Thai with Chicken and Prawns, classically known for being a street food in Thailand. This wonderful dish was jam packed with ingredients, including, tamarind sauce, egg, beansprouts, leeks, chillies, shallots and peanuts. 

The initial mouthful was crunchy from the peanuts and you were hit straight in the face with a multitude of different flavours. Every mouthful seemed to change from the previous one, in one dish I experienced sweet, spicy and fragrant mouthfuls of spring onion, leeks and beansprouts. I can't handle chillies very well so I had to take them out unfortunately but it was delicious none the less!

I didn't leave a trace!

A lot of people don't know that Wagamama also sell desserts - I knew they existed but never had space to try one. On this occasion my stomach decided to make some room for the third course!

We were recommended to try the Banana Katsu which is 'banana in panko breadcrumbs with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream', according Wagamama's website. I was a little dubious trying this as I wasn't sure on the idea of deep fried banana! As soon as it touched my lips I was sold. It has got to be one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. The salted caramel ice cream was so creamy and perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth! The banana fritters just melt in your mouth, I could of eaten it three times over (sorry Slimming World...again).

Above is the mixed Mochi Ice Cream, raspberry, toasted sesame and coconut flavour! This is a very popular dish with the Asian community and apparently order it as a starter, pretty cool! The outside is made of sticky rice aka mochi and the filling is the ice cream. 

They are slippery little things but stay true to their flavour! 

As I am a huge fan of herbal teas, I finished our dinner off with a palette cleansing green tea.

If you have never tried Wagamama's before then I highly recommend it, there is something for everyone and the staff are incredible! 

*This was a review opportunity courtesy of Wagamama.

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever been to Wagamama before? What did you try? Leave your comments below!

Bee Good Cleanser Review

Hi everybody, 

Before I start my blog post can I ask everyone a question? Who else is really excited by the fact it is nearly autumn? I absolutely love autumn, it's my favourite time of year! 

Today's blog is focusing on two fabulous cleansers from the UK based brand Bee Good, a premium skincare company who use British bee ingredients.  One of the cleansers I received is from my Norwich Bloggers goody bag and the other one I was given as a treat, thanks Bee Good! 

( top left: Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing water// right: Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser)

This is a 30ml product (travel size) which I received in my Norwich Blogger goody bag. It comes with a cute little muslin cloth to wash the cleanser off and has won various awards! Any beauty product that smells as good as this one is fine with me; it's also super moisturising which comes from wild flower honey, crambe oil and British Propolis ( known for healing and antimicrobial properties)

I have been using this product during the evenings and have been very happy with the way it makes my skin feel. The last thing you want is to wash your face and it ends up feeling dry and tight; this isn't the case with the Honey & Propolis Cream Cleanser.

I was very grateful to receive the Honey & Wild Water Mint Cleansing Water, it's perfect for those of you who are in a hurry and need an effective way of getting rid of make-up and impurities. 

I have been using the cleansing water day and night and have found it very gentle on my skin. One of the big pluses about this cleanser is that it is easy on the eyes due to its mild formula of British wild flower honey, propolis, red algae and wild water mint. 

I'm not going to lie, this is one of the best things to use if you are exhausted from a hangover! You can literally grab some cotton wool and wipe off last nights face! Then it is up to you if you can handle putting on some moisturiser :) haha. 

This is a very refreshing cleanser and would highly recommend it! 

By purchasing these products you are supporting British beekeepers, giving something back and keeping your skin looking beautiful, it's a win win situation! All products are free from nasties such as parabens, synthetic colours and mineral oil. 

If you like the sound of these cleansers you can purchase them from the following places:

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment! 

Exposed and Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Polish Review

Hi everyone, 

As you know, the goody bag from the latest Norwich Bloggers event was pretty epic and is still taking me a while to work through! I recently tried out the Crabtree & Evelyn nail polish* as well as the Exposed nail polish* too! 

I wanted to go for an autumnal look and thought these two shades go perfectly together. The Crabtree & Evelyn nail polish is in 'Mica' and only took two coats to create a solid colour. The Exposed nail polish is called 'Champagne Rain' and took quite a few more coats due to it being a glitter polish but looked fantastic once it had dried. 

I love painting my ring finger a different colour to the rest of my nails! Gold was definitely a good choice. 

These are both very reasonably priced: Crabtree & Evelyn £6, Exposed £3.95. You can buy both of them online however, the Exposed nail polish can be purchased at Just Essentials in Norwich! 

Thanks for reading!