Cicily Style: Wish List Edit

If you are a lover of all fashion trends then the new website will be just up your street. You may recognise the name from Cicily Bridal, their bridal boutique who sells some of the best wedding dresses around. I heard that they were starting a clothing website so had a little look and compiled a few of my favourite items!

Christmas Wish List - The Trouva Edit

Christmas is a time for giving...and receiving! Which is why I have put together my Trouva Christmas wish list. A few months ago I discovered Trouva, an online store which sells everything from watches to elaborate mirrors and even perfume for your pet! Trouva has 150 independent boutiques to shop from, so you won't be stumped to find a gift. 

The Ultimate Christmas Cocktails

The lead up to Christmas is a great reason to meet up with your nearest and dearest, let your hair down and party! Whether it's out in town or in the comfort of your own home, I have some great Christmas cocktail recommendations you must try!

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again when your work colleagues/best mates/sports team decide it would be a good idea to do secret Santa. Don't get me wrong, I love secret Santa but for those of you who struggle to buy gifts for people, I have put together a great list for you!

What is Hygge and How Do We Embrace it?

The first time I heard the work 'Hygge' was on my dad's birthday. He was talking to my mum about it and how great it is. At first I thought my dad was talking gobbledegook, but in fact 'hygge' is a real thing. 

Alternative Wedding Dresses - My Favourite Designers

I have a long way to go until I get married (2018) but that doesn't mean I can't start fantasising over finding the dress.