The Ultimate Christmas Cocktails

The lead up to Christmas is a great reason to meet up with your nearest and dearest, let your hair down and party! Whether it's out in town or in the comfort of your own home, I have some great Christmas cocktail recommendations you must try!

A few weeks ago we (Norwich Bloggers) hosted a cocktail masterclass at the Warwick Street Social in Norwich. It was such a great night and we cracked out some amazing Christmas cocktails. So, I'm kick starting this blog post with the cocktail we chose as our Christmas meal tipple!


This cocktail is absolutely amazing! If you like gingerbread and cinnamon then you will enjoy this little number. It's a very warming cocktail but just to let you know, it does contain egg whites (although, you can't taste it!) This cocktail also contains vodka, ginger syrup and lemon juice so is quite straightforward to make. The star of the show of course, is the gingerbread man on the side!

You can get the recipe here.


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This cocktail is perfect if you are having a few friends round or you're having a little bonfire session in your garden. Mulled wine is an absolute winter classic and can be rustled up on the hob in a few minutes. The alcohol you will need for this heart warming drink is Cointreau and some red wine ( a light red wine if possible, nothing too heavy!) You can find the recipe here.


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The bramble isn't a traditional Christmas classic but it's one of my favourite, so that's why I have put it in here! Weirdly enough, I don't like gin but this cocktail is gin based, so even if you're not a massive fan of gin you may still like this one. All you need for the bramble is, gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Lejay Creme de Mure (although I'm sure other blackberry liqueurs can be used). To make this thirst quenching cocktail you can find the recipe here.


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For the whiskey fans out there, this cocktail should be right up your street! Although this is a classic, with the added ingredient of orange and some edible gold glitter, this makes it a festive favourite! To make this at home all you need is your favourite bourbon, lemon juice, orange juice, sugar syrup and oranges. To make it extra special buy yourself some honey and edible gold glitter. To put this cocktail together you can find the recipe here.


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This is one my favourite cocktails! The candy cane cocktail is a very sweet yet minty cocktail, perfect after a meal. We made these at our cocktail masterclass evening and they went down a storm. If you like vodka and peppermint then this is the one for you to try! Normally this cocktail comes with a little candy cane sweet but the cocktail guy forgot to buy some! All you need to make the candy cane cocktail is ice, strawberry vodka, white creme de menthe and candy canes for decoration. You can find the recipe here.

If you decide to host a Christmas party at your home but don't own a cocktail kit, don't worry as there are loads online. You can buy yourself a cocktail kit and book on Amazon for only £20.

If you are going out to a Christmas meal or party this year, most good cocktail bars will make you a cocktail that's not on their list. So if any of the above take your fancy but it's not on their cocktail menu, just ask them :)

Norwich has has an increase in cocktail bars, all of which are great! If you live in the area I would highly recommend the following places:

Warwick Street Social
Lust & Liquor 
42 King Street

Thanks for reading! 

What is your favourite cocktail? Leave your comments below :)

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