The Pilates Studio Norwich - My Experience*

Ever considered Pilates but not sure what it entails? Read on to find out how I got on at the Pilates Studio Norwich and discovered real Pilates.

The Pilates Studio in Norwich is owned by Lauren who is a wonderful Pilates expert. I was not sure what to expect,  I just assumed Pilates was all mat work but it's far more comprehensive than that. Some of you may not know (I certainly didn't!) that Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates who created a series of exercises which were designed to strengthen the mind and body. Pilates made various equipment to help the process of stretching, strengthening and body alignment. The equipment he created (he liked to call them 'apparatuses') includes the Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Spine Corrector. 

Now you've had a brief history lesson, let me share with you my Pilates experience! The studio is tucked away just off Guildhall Hill in Norwich and specialises in all different forms of Pilates. I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren who was my session instructor, she was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. Lauren invited me down for a private session which is great if you are new to Pilates or you have an injury you would like to work on. The studio is very spacious, light and airy, making it a great environment for Pilates.  

(the Cadillac)

I mainly used the equipment during my session rather than mat work which was fine by me, it was really interesting to see how it all works. I know my posture is bad so the stretches Lauren got me to do really helped. Although the exercises seemed simple at first, once I started them I could really feel them working my stomach muscles and made me realise how out of line my body is! After only one hour my body had adapted to (what should be) my regular body alignment and stretches so much so my posture was back to normal and my stomach wasn't shaking anymore when doing further crunches! 

(The Reformer)

Lauren was really helpful and explained how to do the exercises by showing me first and then adjusting my body to ensure I was in the right position to get the most out of the exercises. My favourite piece of equipment has got to be the Cadillac as there were many different exercises you could do. This particular piece of equipment really helped with my posture and overall back muscles.

The session really helped me open my eyes to Pilates and realise how important it is to do core work and look after your body. Sitting down in an office all day can really affect your spine and core muscles so it's really crucial these are seen to on a regular basis! Don't feel afraid of the idea if you have an injury or suffer with back pain such as myself ( I have sciatica!) as Pilates will help you. The team offer a range of different classes including:

The Pilates Studio Norwich caters for all budgets ranging from £9 to £60. You can also buy sessions in bulk, making the overall cost cheaper. This is perfect for those of you who want to make Pilates a regular thing. You can see the full price list here.

I really found my session beneficial and would like to go back again, I really felt the difference afterwards and would highly recommend it. Check out their website and pop them an email if you're interested in one of their sessions! 

If you've ever been to The Pilates Studio Norwich please let me know what you thought about it. If you do decide to book a session, let me know how you got on, I'd love to hear other people's thoughts :)

*this session was gifted to me but all of my opinions are my own.

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